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An Autohagiography

Diary of a Fiend

Hard working..
top hat, ring leader, ariel dehaviland
Okay now I am working every day on my new "Business" I have become a FULL-TIME Rave promoter. This is taking all my time now. I spend hours on the phone, internet, etc. promoting & doing shit to get all this organized & together. It's fun though. I enjoy it a lot & I'm learning a lot. I never thought I would be doing this but here I am doing it. I've invented my own business & now I'm working to make it happen. It's really rewarding & really frustrating at times too. I've begun to meet some really cool people through this experience. I continue to grow my network everyday. More & more people are coming together under my rule. It's funny, me such a shy insecure person is pulling this off. Trust me it hasn't come natural to me but I am getting the hang of it now. Everyday I get closer to understanding how it all works more & more. Also working with other people is a big challenge & you have to keep in mind everyone's personalities. It's just amazing I can get in a room with all these people getting along & working together. It's not at all easy. I'm not going to quit though. I've found my passion & I'm sticking with it. Not anyone can dream up parties the way I can. With the combine efforts of me & my friends we are really pulling this off. Who ever thought I'd be doing this? But here I am doing it. So much fun!